Arts and Crafts - Exhibition at Marchants Hardy Plants (continued)

Lucy Goffin, Graham Gough’s partner, is a textile artist, and produces unusual work using indigo dyes. You might have seen a piece of hers, which uses fibre optics, on the balcony at Glyndebourne; she also makes jackets and waistcoats on commission. In the show will be a number of still life collages, many of which reflect the vegetation in the garden. The couple's work has a creatively symbiotic relationship, it seems.

Jenny Crisp is a Herefordshire-based basket weaver, who grows her own willow to make her creations, mixing innovative and traditional methods. Her work is instantly recognizable, though there is great variety between one work and another: she grows fifteen different types of willow and weaves it into all sorts of different sorts of creations. Jean Scott-Moncrieff is a jeweller who works with silver and gold and semi-precious stones. Her work has an ancient, Celtic look to it, but also a very modern look too. They are very sculptural, but wearable, too. The final exhibitor is the artist Simon Dorrell, possibly England’s best-known garden painter, whose shadowy ink drawings grace the cover of Hortus and Convivium magazines. AG

Marchants, Autumn by Stephen Robson

M.H.P - 2 Marchants Cottages, Mill Lane, Laughton
When? 10am-6pm, also Sunday 20th
How Much? Free entry
Marchants Hardy Plants
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