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Our picture of the week comes from regular Ed Smith, who, remarkably, took it using his mobile phone. “It’s taken from the path behind the Lewes Arms by the bowling green looking down across the Paddock. I was on my way to work at the Lamb and I thought it summed up what a lovely place Lewes can be in summer. I took it on my Nokia 6280, so I’m pretty chuffed it came out the way it did. There aren’t many towns where you can see so much greenery and still be a stone’s throw from the centre.” We love the depth of field, the way the evening sunlight is saturating the trees, and the way the branch in the foreground frames the top of the picture. Keep sending your pictures in, either for ‘The week in pictures’ (see page 27) or for this section. We love getting them.

Depth of field: The Paddock saturated in early evening sunlight