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Artwave open house - Jessica Zoob (continued...)

"Sometimes something happens by accident, and I’ll push on with that.” Sometimes she paints, sometimes she scratches away. “It’s like when you peel off wallpaper and find something beautiful underneath.” She shows me a work she’s just finished after four years, and incredible multi-layered canvas full of different textures. I ask her how she knows it’s finished. “You just know,” she says, “like you know when a camera comes into focus.”

She paints at a prolific rate, producing 10-35 frames, four times a year, for exhibitions, mainly in London and Lewes. She only started painting in 2000, and is now collected worldwide. She was a theatre designer, but decided to give up because it didn’t leave enough time for her family. She is pretty much self-taught. “I forwent all that theory and angst,” she says. “I don’t know that world, because I never went through it.” She loves the way children paint ‘before they get that adult self judgment’, something she admits she can’t completely avoid. I’m amazed at the lack of darkness in her work, then she shows me some of the stuff she did in London. Where there is light there was darkness. Thick swathes of black with colours peeping out beneath, like a hellish tartan. “I used to do more geometric lines and grids,” she says. “This one’s about nature trying to make itself heard in the city. Your environment always filters through you into your work.” You feel she made the right move, coming to Lewes. If you go to one open house, go to this one. AL

Summer Rain by Jessica Zoob

26, De Montfort Rd, Lewes
When? 12-6pm - Aug 26, 27, September 2, 9, 16, 17
How Much? Paintings from £40

Jessica Zoob
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