Artwave - Lisa Barnard (continued)

“Your experience depends on where you view it from, and how you are as a person. It requires something of the viewer, who makes an investment, which should pay off. They sink into an aesthetic experience.” The photographs will be blown up to 16” by 20”. I can’t wait to see them in their full glory.

A man appears through the door, carrying a number of prints, shrouded in bubble-wrap. It is Darren Sherwood, another of the artists who will be exhibiting. He shows me some monotype prints he has made up, which look like ghostly human figures shining out from a black background. “You ink up a steel or Perspex plate and draw in it with white spirit, or your fingers,” he says. There’s a wooden, grainy look to the figures. I like them. He has also made prints by scratching into lead. These are also human figures, but there’s a primitive, Long-Man-of-Wilmingtony look about them. They are more colourful. “The fourth artist is called Holly Bazett,” says Lisa. “Her work isn’t here yet. She is very anti art. Her best work is her disturbing work. She constructs scenes with Playmobile characters, and then paints the scenes. They turn into something very fluid.” I’m late for another appointment, so I make my excuses and shoot off. I’ll be back. I’m looking forward to it. AG

One of Darren Sherwood’s ghostly monographs
8 Paddock Rd
When? Preview 6-8 Friday and 11-6pm every Sat and Sun
How Much? From £65
Lisa is the Photographer-in-residence for the Unicorn Children’s Theatre