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I’d like to open with the relieving news that the 6-month ban from football that was hanging over me, which would have meant I couldn’t have continued coaching the team, has been reduced to a two-month touchline ban, which is far less serious. I had to go up to the FA on Tuesday and face cross-examination from an FA lawyer: it was a nerve-racking experience. Luckily our lawyers were very good, and put a very strong case forward. I always thought that the ban was too harsh. It’s been a huge weight on my shoulders over the summer. People might not have noticed, because I’ve been going about the place smiling as usual, but it’s always been on the back of my mind.

That was the end of a pretty topsy-turvy week. Last Wednesday against Welling we played excellently. After an OK first half (we went in at one apiece) we took them apart with a display of exciting attacking football, and everybody went home happy. Our passing was very good, and especially our counter-attacking at pace, which we’ve been practicing in training. One of our goals came from a corner of theirs: we won possession and within 30 seconds it was in the back of their net. The crowd was right behind us in the second half; it was a great atmosphere. The only thing that ruined it slightly was their goal after five minutes of extra time to make it 4-2.

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Steve King: a two-month touchline ban which could have been
so much worse