That’s that for another week, then, one in which we waved a sad goodbye to the magnificent copper beech in front of the Southover Grange and any lingering hopes of a lingering summer. And one in which the Rooks had a double dose of good news with a 4-1 win at Hayes and a ban reprieve for manager Steve King. It wouldn’t be possible to produce this webmag without the help of those around us: in particular this week we’d like to thank Jessica Zoob, Lisa Barnard, Pearl Bates, Liz Lacon, Sir Harry Kroto, Christine Hall, Wenda Bradley, Marina Arnold, Nwankwo Kanu, Mick Hawksworth, Jay Clifton, Sarah O’Kane, Fran Galpin, Lindsay from Pelham House, C. Morey de Morand, Serena Costello, Jane Zara, Ian Lawrence, Phil from Smokestack, Pippa Burley and Holly’s Baps for continuing excellence in the catering department.

This week’s contributors were: Owen Postgate, John May, David Burke, William Leith, Jess Wood, Steve King, Katie Moorman, Nick Williams, Dave Wilson and Alex Leith.

Next week’s highlights include:
Sat 2nd: Southease chilli and Sweet Pepper Parade
Sat 2nd: The start of HQ’s Artwave Show
Sun 3rd: The great Krishnamurti Sridhar at Pelham House
Tues 4th: The Truth? A presentation by Ian Crane looking at the evidence to suggest the September 11th massacre was rigged by the US government

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Red Hot Chilli Peppers in Southease next week…