Name: Sir Harry Kroto.
Profession: Professor of Chemistry (Sir Harry won the Nobel Prize for Chemistry in 1996 for his discovery of fullerenes).
Are you local if not how long have you been here?: I moved here when I got a job in Sussex University in 1967. I had to retire from there and now work and live in Florida, but I come here whenever I can get back, which includes most of the summer and the Christmas break.
Best thing about Lewes? It’s about as far south in the UK as it’s possible to get so the weather is better than in most English towns. It’s a small town on the edge of the Downs, and it’s only about an hour away from London.
Worst thing about Lewes? The river is the most beautiful part of the town and a lot more could be made of it. The fact that instead of having a riverside walk there are tyre businesses and car businesses and supermarkets indicates poor planning.
Favourite pub? I don’t go to pubs. I don’t drink for drinking’s sake.
What’s your poison? With an evening meal I like a glass of Bordeaux; perhaps a glass of local Breaky Bottom wine with lunch.
Waitrose or Tesco (or neither)? I don’t shop. That’s not my department.
What do you think about traffic wardens? I’ve never got a ticket myself. We don’t want the town to be clogged up with cars.

continued overlead...

Sir Harry Kroto: doesn’t shop till he drops