What do you think about traffic wardens? When you get a ticket you tend to dislike them but as far as I’m concerned they’re employees doing a job.
Which Bonfire Society do you go to? Waterloo. I get a lot of stick about it in the Lewes Arms but Cliffe was full and I decided to go for the most family-oriented society and I couldn’t say no to my best neighbour John Geering (Who can?).
Which newspaper do you read? The Guardian.
Are you pro or anti the Phoenix development? There should be a development there, and it should be an industrial one. People should be able to work in Lewes, and the jobs are needed. I went to the public meeting at the Town Hall and I think the developers weren’t prepared for the number of concerned people there. They hadn’t thought their plans through carefully enough: there were problems with access, traffic flow and the elevation of some of the buildings. Let’s see what they come up with when they submit their plans.
Favourite Lewes landmark? Black Cap if it counts as Lewes.
How would you spend a perfect Sunday afternoon? Either on the beach in Seaford or Cuckmere or at the home. My door is always open for people to drop in.
What’s on your hifi? Bill Frissel. I first heard his beautiful guitar play on a Vic Chesnut album at Rik’s in Station St, and borrowed an album from a friend at the Lewes Arms.
Lewes would be better if… There was a public slipway to the river so people could use it more and paddle around in it. I’ve never seen a boat go under Cliffe Bridge, and that’s a crime.
What Lewes really doesn’t need is… I’m not opposed to development, but I’m opposed to bad development.

Russell Beck by Owen Postgate