80's Night at the Royal Oak

They call it ‘the decade that taste forgot’, but the eighties was the formative era for anybody aged 35-45. The Phoenix Action Group are holding an 80’s night tonight to raise money for the campaign against the OVERdevelopment (their caps) of the Phoenix Industrial site. If you fancy going dressed up for the occasion, here are some memory joggers:

The rise of Madonna and the New Romantics: Duran Duran, Culture Club, Japan. Men in eyeliner, girls in padded shoulders, big hair, brick-sized mobile phones. ZZ Top, Van Halen, air guitar, Bruce ‘the Boss’ Springsteen. MTV, Simon Bates’ My Tune, Radio Oooooone. The Steve Wright Show: Get some therapy. Platoon, The Big Chill, Wall Street, Indiana Jones, Rambo, Ghostbusters and The Blues Brothers. We got half a tank of petrol, it’s dark, and we’re wearing sunglasses. Hit it! Brookside, Eastenders, The Young Ones, The Tube. Jools Holland, The Dead Kennedys, Echo and The Bunnymen. The Smiths, The Smiths and The Smiths. The Simpsons. The Reagans. George Bush Senior. Perestroika, Glasnost and Tiananmen Square. Margaret bloody Thatcher. The Miner’s Strike, Nicaragua, The Falklands War, The IRA. Ian Botham’s runs, Ian Rush’s goals, John McEnroe: You cannot be serious. Gary Lineker’s hat-trick against Poland, Diego Maradona’s ‘The Hand of God’. Max Headroom, Mike Tyson, Bret Easton Ellis. Sensimilia. Bananarama. Robert De Niro’s Waiting Ta-lking I-tal-ian. Rubik’s Cube. Go there if you dare. DL

Albion Street, 1982: big hair, black jumpers and look at
Miranda Abbs’ white pixie boots
Upstairs at the Royal Oak
When? 8pm-11pm
How Much? £5.50/£3.50 (£5/£3 Royal Oak, Tizz’s and The Vintage Shirt Company)