Concert - Krishnamurti Sridhar

“People ask me what to expect from a concert,” says Krishnamurti Sridhar, the internationally renowned sarod player from South India, who is playing a concert in Pelham House. “I tell them to leave their ego and intellect outside the concert hall, just like you leave your shoes outside a temple. And to listen from the heart.”

Sridhar represents the end of an era. He is the last of a long line of descendents to be taught to play music in the traditional South Indian fashion: from the age of five he was tutored by a Sufi guru, Ustad Zia Mohiuddun Dagar, in how to play the sarod, a guitar-like instrument of great complexity. The training was spiritual as well as technical; the object of the music he played was to heal and soothe the spirit more than to entertain the ear. His guru was an expert in North Indian music, so Sridhar became versatile from an early age: by 12 he was playing concerts all round India in Ravi Shankar’s orchestral group. He has since become an international star in his own right: he has played concerts all over the world, is a WOMAD regular, and a recording artist for Peter Gabriel’s RealWorld Records.

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Krishnamurti Sridhar: “leave your ego outside the door”