Concert - Krishnamurti Sridhar (continued)

I ask him whether western audiences will be able to identify with his sound. “I experimented with doing fusions with jazz some years ago,” he says. “I played with Miles Davis and Don Cherry. But then I stopped. The jazz musicians thought they were obliging me; they didn’t have the right attitude. The truth is, my music and jazz go together like oil and water. Afterwards I started fusing with Arabic and Persian music. The feeling and tones are the same. The musicians have the same mentality. The same spirituality.”

“If you come to the concert with an open mind,” he continues, “you will come out having had an experience. There are three levels: entertainment, therapy and spirituality. You must surrender to the music. I did a concert in Mexico recently and I was asked questions by the audience. One said ‘I came here with a back-ache, and it’s gone’. Another said ‘I came her with a headache, and it’s gone’. But it’s not about what I give. It’s about what you realise. Sound has an effect on the body, but you must be spiritually hungry. It’s no good eating for taste, when you’re not hungry. It’s like jumping into a swimming pool in winter: at first you hesitate, then the pool takes you.” Lewesians are certainly used to jumping into cold swimming pools, but are they open-minded enough to enjoy the music of Krishnamurti Sridhar? We certainly hope so. It’s worth a try, isn’t it? I, for one, will be attempting to leave my spiritual shoes outside Pelham House tonight. AG

That’s entertainment… and therapy… and spirituality, too
Pelham House
When? 4.30-8.45pm
How Much? £20 inc. Indian Meal (min age 12)
Pelham House
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