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Lecture - 9/11: The Truth?

Andrew Thomas is ready to be called a conspiracy theorist, but only after people have considered his evidence. He has organised a talk by Ian R Crane, Chairman of the Britain and Ireland 9/11 Truth Campaign to challenge the official version of the attacks. Under the spotlight will be evidence that the Twin Towers were demolished in controlled explosions, as were the CIA headquarters nearby, and that the Pentagon may not have been hit by an airplane at all. "Lewes likes to pretend it’s very radical," says Thomas, “but I’d like to see some real discussion in the Thomas Paine spirit." Invoking Paine’s name here is justified. Like Andrew Thomas’s organisation Changing Times, Paine’s group in the White Hart started as a gang of opinionated friends. And for most of his career, Paine was dismissed as a seditious crank. "Tom, you are surely mad," wrote one critic "Thou hast escaped the guillotine, but thy terrors have prepared thee for a strait-jacket."

In fact, the "Thomas Paine spirit" of Lewes has been remarkably consistent over 230 years: many wish he’d shut up. Posters for the 9/11 Truth lecture have been refused in shop after shop around town. "It’s interesting to see the level of interest, and resistance to putting them up," says Thomas. "People are scared to go there. People are scared to believe our governments could be lying so badly."
The lecture, however, will doubtless be packed. Ian Crane quit his 23-year career as an oil industry executive just before September 11th.

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9/11: terrorist action or CIA plot?