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Lecture - 9/11: The Truth? (continued)

For the last five years researching this has been his day job, and he has seen audiences grow to fill whatever hall he addresses. "Up until a year ago," he says, "people concerned about these issues were all working in splendid isolation. But that has changed. We have groups in the US, South America and Europe." He goes on to describe the way steel melts at different temperatures, the way other skyscrapers have remained standing or fallen sideways, and the way the 23rd floor of WTC building 7, which housed CIA offices, had been built as a fortress before the attack. He touches on the rumour that the towers were due for demolition anyway, and the disappearance of CCTV footage around the Pentagon. Crane has a great command of the facts, but will struggle to show connections between the attack and the political elites surrounding it without undermining his own case. It is notoriously difficult to expose one ‘big lie’ without people accusing you of just inventing another.

Then again, something has to be true. Either 9/11 Truth is the biggest, most entertaining bunch of crap since the Loch Ness Monster, or something terrible is going on. If the attacks on September 11th 2001 were a conspiracy, or a cock up, committed by the US government, presumably we will have no choice but to do something about it. Your gut reaction may be "Don't even go there", but who of us today would not have grabbed a chair in the White Hart in 1768, just in case it all went somewhere? DB

New York City September 11th 2001. What really happened that day?

All Saints Centre, Lewes
When? 7:30pm
How Much? £5