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After the game I told the players in no uncertain terms that I thought they were underachieving. I’m not unhappy with their work-rate and their pressing when the opposition have possession, but I am unhappy that some players aren’t firing on all cylinders. After the game I told them to look at themselves and wonder why they were on the end of a bollocking from me and Stewart Cash. We had the players to win that game, but too many of them weren’t pulling their weight. That’s not acceptable. I’m going to make some changes for the next game. I hear people moan that I make too many changes, but sometimes it’s necessary, and it is now. I was happy with the crowd: I said I wanted seven or eight hundred, and that’s what we got, and they got right behind the team. The pitch looked great, too, but it was a little too long for our liking. Roger the groundsman cut it on Sunday evening, than it rained on Sunday night, and the grass grew overnight. So the ball was sticking at players’ feet. Nobody’s fault, just one of those things. That’s nature for you. There are so many different factors to consider in a football game.

We got the same result at Havant two days earlier, but I was much more happy with that performance. They are one of the favourites to win the league. We had the first half and they had the second half, and again a draw was a fair result. We scored early. Juke Box (Andy Drury) wriggled through and put the ball between the central defender’s legs: Jamie Cade was there to toe-poke it in. It wasn’t the best goal he’ll score, but they’re all good when they go in. They scored in the 71st minute: a good goal, but I was unhappy with our defending in the build up. One ball undid us, and we should have seen it coming.

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