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Disappearing Lewes - The Lambrettas (continued...)

The record company still paid us while our contract was valid, but they weren’t willing to finance another album. We still played a few gigs – we even got a brass section and female backing singers - but we couldn’t do any tours because there was nothing to base them round. Then the money ran out. What can you do? We didn’t really want to start playing local pubs again, after playing in some of the best concert halls in Europe. You’ve got to live, you’ve got to eat. We split up.

In the end I did go back to playing local pubs - I still live in a village in the area - my band’s called the Jez Bird Band, because we can’t think of a better name. I’m still in the music business, I still write songs. At the moment I’m recording an album with a singer, Shelley. I’m still a Mod at heart: I’ve still got the suits, I’ve still got the Harringtons, I’ve still got the DM shoes. In a way it spoils you for real life having so much success so young, but I wouldn’t change it. Now I see the Kooks doing well, they’ve just produced a great album, and I hear they’re touring with the Rolling Stones. I just hope they can keep it going…”

Jez Bird today: still got the Harrington

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