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This week’s Photo of the Week was sent to us by Laurie Griffiths who took it while on holiday with a multi-generational bunch of friends in Exmoor, with his Hasselblad camera. “All these kids are friends and family from Lewes having a lark,” he says. “There’s a hint of something odd - maybe Lord of the Flies meets Midsummer Night’s Dream.” We like the knowing look on the kids’ faces (as if they understand something we don’t), we like the gnarled old tree trunk, and we like the narrative that has been set up by the prone body in the forefront. What the hell is going on? We also like the sense of late summer that pervades the whole picture. Keep your photos coming in for both this slot and the Week in Pictures that precedes it. As we keep saying, we love getting them.

The kids are alright: except for the one in the foreground who appears to have been poleaxed