Viva Lewes - The Hills are Alive

Which is your favourite twitten? Each has its own character. Green Lanes has got to be a contender, for its narrowness and seeming endlessness. Church Twitten boasts the Thebes Gallery and the chance to pop your head into the splendid (but sadly private) Lewes House garden. Then there’s Broomans, with its great flint walls. And St Andrew’s. Is that a twitten, or is it a road? Keere Street has to be a contender: a bugger to walk up, and a bugger to race down in a coach and four, by all accounts. Or St Nicholas, or Watergate, or Walwers. I have a new favourite twitten, as of this week. On Wednesday night, about 1am, caught in a storm, I sheltered in a garage in Stewards Inn, until the rain was light enough for me to get home just soaked instead of soaked to the skin. I’d been there for fifteen minutes, watching in wonder as a wall of rain cascaded in front of me. For some reason, I chose to cut down St Martins Lane to get home. It had become a gushing stream, with a lake at the bottom: it made me realise Lewes is little more than a concrete hill. The next day, I retraced my steps, to try and bring back the experience. Suddenly, from one of the houses near the top, a teddy bear appeared out of a window, a silk scarf tied round its neck. Slowly, with no human form apparent above, it was lowered to the ground, the scarf knotted to another, and another, and another. Then it was pulled up again, and disappeared back into the window. I stayed a while, but it didn’t reappear. On such surreal moments, favourite twitten choices are made. St Martins it is. Enjoy the week.

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Where is it?
Cover by John Beetham (Artwave venue 13)
Above: nice Morph thing. But where is it?
Last week: sadly, it no longer exists

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