Name: Russell Beck
Profession: Prop maker for West End and Broadway shows. I have a passion for music and am interested in bringing top quality performers to Lewes, starting with Krishnamurti Sridhar at Pelham House this week (see page 19).
Local lad? I was born in Lewes, but when I left school at 18 I decided to move out because I didn’t want to get bogged down and fossilised. I vowed never to come back, apart from to visit my parents. I went to live in Cambridge, and ended up living there very happily for 26 years. When the flood happened in 2000 I came down to help out a friend and pretty soon I was hooked again. I started spending most of my weekends here, and realised I had a better social life here than in Cambridge. So I decided to buy a house here. I’ve never regretted that decision.
Best thing about Lewes? I’d like to say there’s a lot going on and a lot of restaurants to eat in but frankly it’s the friendliness of the place. Friends are the most important thing to me and I find it the most perfect place to make friendships and nurture them.
Worst thing about Lewes? The three-tiered governmental system. It doesn’t help the town. The Town Council does a good job and supports the Pells Pool and should have a bigger budget and more power.
Favourite pub? The Lewes Arms. It was good to me when I came here and I’m very loyal to it. You’re guaranteed a good conversation there.
What’s your poison? I change all the time. Corona at the moment. I’m not fussed about the lime.
Waitrose or Tesco (or neither)? Either of them as infrequently as possible. They are a necessary evil now and again but I like the fact the Farmers’ Market is expanding, I’m a great fan of Barefoot Herbs, the fishmonger’s in the Riverside and Bill’s.

Beck to the future: Russellís back in town