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Marguerite Horner (continued...)

Horner is as eager to express herself in words as she is with her painting. “I remember coming home as a little girl and being awestruck by seeing a sunset or a plume of smoke. And being frustrated when I couldn’t paint what I saw. I wondered how I could learn to convey what I saw and what I felt when I saw it. Tolstoy’s definition of art was that it was communicating a feeling you’ve had to other people across space and time. This is what I’m trying to do. But sometimes I don’t realise the feeling I’m trying to convey until I’m painting. Sometimes something profound comes out and you think ‘where did that come from?’”

Horner peppers her sentences with cultural references: she seems to have drawn on a number of art theorists and philosophers to reach an understanding of her art. She makes cultural allusions in the titles of her work, though sometimes it takes her time to realise where they have come from. Her works are called things like ‘Cloud of Thorns,’ ‘Valley of the Shadow’, ‘Unstable Wave of Doubt’, ‘Even Deeper’ and ‘Until She Listens She Will Hear Nothing’. The titles are interesting but essentially, I suppose, unimportant. The paintings speak for themselves. I’m looking forward to being alone in the gallery to immerse myself into their world of light and shadows. AL

Ever Deeper by Marguerite Horner

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