Interview with Rik Taub (continued...)

Which Bonfire Society do you go to? I don’t actually. I went to one Bonfire Night a few years ago, but generally I avoid it. It’s something that’s in Lewes people’s blood, but it isn’t in mine.
Which newspaper do you read? The Argus. I also get Music Week, the record dealers trade mag, surprisingly enough…
Are you pro or anti the Phoenix development? I haven’t looked too much into it but I think that you can’t keep things the same for too long. They have to move on. That’s a dead area at the moment.
Favourite Lewes landmark? Harvey’s Brewery. A lovely building, and I like what they make there.
How would you spend a perfect Sunday afternoon? In the garden with a bottle of white wine. Doing nothing. I rush around six days a week, so I like relaxing on a Sunday.
What’s on your hifi? At the moment I’m really enjoying the Bob Dylan radio shows, which you can get on subscription off the internet. He does a different theme every week, and chooses songs which go with that theme. There’s a lot of early blues, and country, and rock and roll. This week the theme is coffee. It’s been the weather, marriage, divorce… He’s got a great voice, and a dry sense of humour, just like in his songs.
Lewes would be better if… They pedestrianised some of the central streets. Just imagine how nice Station Street would be with the pubs having tables outside them. They have to look at the one-way system.
What Lewes really doesn’t need is… Another coffee shop… or another second-hand record shop.

From 29 September Rik will be DJing every last Friday of the month in Komedia, Brighton

Rik Taub by Owen Postgate