Gig - LedZepToo

In 2002 Robert Plant went to see Led Zeppelin tribute band Letz Zep at the Dublin Castle in Camden Town, thinking he could sneak in incognito to check out what his ‘double’ looked like. Of course he was spotted: the place was jammed with Zep-heads. Imagine the mayhem. Sadly he didn’t get on stage and sing a number - he fled into the night, embarrassed to hell.

There’s something of a Led Zeppelin tribute band plague at the moment: bands mimicking their legendary heroes on stage include Fred Zeppelin, Led Zepagain, Stairway to Zeppelin, Whole Lotta Led, and, best of all, a group who perform the songs in a reggae style, Dread Zeppelin. LedZepToo, who are playing at the All Saints tonight, are perhaps the best musicians of the lot. “We don’t try to be a lookalike band, we try to be a soundalike band,” says bandleader Mike who, playing guitar, ‘is’ Jimmy Page. The band have been doing their Led Zep act for over a year now. “We do the old favourites like Stairway to Heaven, Kashmere, Whole Lotta Love and Dazed and Confused, but we also try to do some more obscure tracks, too.” He doesn’t mind the fact that the band’s repertoire is limited and finite. “Led Zep used to jam live, so there’s plenty of room for interpretation.” If you go, look carefully at the long-haired guy standing next to you, mouthing all the words and playing air guitar. You never know who it could be. DL

The songs remain the same: Led Zep Too at the All Saints

All Saints Centre
When? 7.45pm for 8.30pm
How Much? £6/£4
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