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Gig - John Crampton

I’ve seen John Crampton at the Lansdown before. He’s brilliant. He sings, in his words, ‘a mixture of uptempo bluegrass, blues and country songs, most of which are self-penned’. He has one of those gravelly American singing voices when he sings, but a soft southern English accent talking on the phone. I ask him about the transformation. “It’s something which happens to me when I sing the Blues,” he says. “I sing in a growling Americanised voice. It’s a persona that I dip into when I’m playing. I dip out of it when I stop.”

Crampton plays slide guitar, harmonica, and stomp-box. It’s quite amazing that one man can make so much noise. Is it fair to call him a one-man band? “I suppose you could. A lot of people do. Not quite in the Don Partridge way. I haven’t got a bass drum and high-hat”. John started out with his band Woody and the Splinters in the late seventies. “Then I broke my arm trying to gatecrash a party through a first floor window, and couldn’t play guitar any more for a bit.” After a brief spell with the legendary but short-lived skiffle band Daddy Yum Yum, John drifted out of the music scene. Until about ten years ago, when he decided to start gigging again, and to go it alone. “It’s better like that, you don’t argue with anyone,” he says. He loves playing the Lansdown. “It’s a really good atmosphere, and a really responsive audience.” Especially one member. “There’s this fellow comes and sees a lot of my gigs. An extraordinary dancer.” IDM, take a bow. See you there? DL

John Crampton: foot stompiní good

The Lansdown Arms, Station Street, Lewes
When? 8pm.
How Much? Free
The Lansdown Arms
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John Crampton
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