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Classical Music - Reinecke’s Undine and other sonatas for flute and piano

Carl Reinecke’s Undine Sonata is based on the popular 19th century romantic novel of the same name, by Friedrich de la Motte Fouque. The novel tells the story of a water nymph who can only achieve an immortal soul through the love of a mortal man. So she leaves the Water Kingdom and meets a knight, Hulbrand, who she falls in love with and marries. Her uncle Kuhleborn then pitches up, and utters a curse that if ever Hulbrand is unfaithful to her, or raises his voice or hand against her, then he must die, by Undine’s own hands. Hulbrand’s former lover Berthalda is invited to stay with the couple, and manipulates Hulbrand into shouting at Undine, who returns, distraught, to the Water Kingdom. Hulbrand turns to Berthalda for comfort, and agrees to marry her. Undine is forced to exact her revenge by the vengeful water spirits, and at his wedding, gives Hulbrand a fatal kiss. She comes in secret to his funeral, and turns into a spring of water, which forms two streams around Hulbrand’s grave.

“Reinecke’s Undine is a mystical, romantic piece, which I hadn’t heard until recently,” comments promoter Paul Gregory, “It completely blew my head off. It’s a wonderful piece.” Also on the bill are Bach’s Sonata, Widor’s Suite and Franz Doppler’s Hungarian Pastoral Fantasy. Tonight’s flautist is Alison Back, on the piano is Yoko Ono. “The more talented one,” comments Gregory, “the one who’s about fifty years younger than the other one.” AG

Ondine, by Paul Gauguin, a man who knew how to make a
post impression
Westgate Chapel
When? 7.30pm
How Much? £7