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Our picture of the week comes from regular contributor Dr. Jonas Darlinstein, who has just returned from a trip to Brazil. “Flying over the rainforest I looked down and saw the shadow of the aeroplane I was travelling in,” he says. “I registered the irony of the juxtaposition of these two endangered species. And their entirely opposing positions in the ecological spectrum: one so giving, the other so destructive.” We like the way the rainforest fills the frame, the enormous variety of shades of green, and the way it resembles, from such a height, a vast sprig of broccoli. Whether from a post 9/11 hangover or a growing sense of ecological awareness, we find the blurry, fleeting shape of the jet plane rather sinister, too. We love getting your photos, so please keep sending them in to this space or to the ‘Week in Pictures’ section.

Plane forest: Dr Darlinstein flies over North-Eastern Brazil