That’s it for another week then, a week in which the summer sighed a lugubrious last yawn, a raging fire devastated School Hill, and a 9/11 theorist came to town and had everyone talking about the size of the hole in the Pentagon and the way skyscrapers fall when hit by aeroplanes. We really appreciate the help and support of everybody out there who helps and supports us: this week in particular we’d like to thank: Christine Hall, Stevie at Oyster, Chaula, Sally White, Ann Spike, Liz Lacon, Hilary Black, John Crampton, Peter Crouch, Paul Gregory, Geoffrey Ellis, Pete Mason, John Kenward, Merlin Milner and Jonas Darlinstein.

Contributors this week are: Jo Monroe, Emma Chaplin, Katie Moorman, Jess Wood, William Leith, Owen Postgate, Steve King, Dexter Lee, Antonia Gabassi, Nick Williams, Dave Wilson and Alex Leith.

Next week’s highlights include:
Thursday 14th-Sunday 17th: Charleston Short Story Festival
Friday 15th-Sunday 17th: Beer Festival at the Royal Oak, Barcombe
Saturday 16th - The Squid and The Whale, a black comedy about divorce at the All Saints
Saturday 16th Lewes v Newport County
Saturday 16th: Richard Smith and Julie Adams at the Oak

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Jamie Freeman: supporting Richard Smith and Julie Adams
at the Oak next Saturday