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Viva Lewes started as an idea just before Christmas and is now a thriving online magazine receiving over 40,000 page views a week. Each issue is accessed by over 2,000 unique visitors (from different IP addresses) and nearly 1,000 of these visitors have chosen to subscribe. And it’s growing. And growing, and growing. If you look at the sweet little first issue, which came out on January 7th of this year (click here), and was sent to just 36 people, you will see just how much we have changed. We have taken on staff, increased the number of pages and started introducing different types of articles. We have brought in columnists, and regular features. And we mean to go on changing, too: nothing thrives unless it changes organically with the times. With this in mind we are pleased to announce that we have just purchased the Lewes Handbook, a free monthly magazine, which has been delivered through most Lewes letterboxes for the past fifteen months. We are planning to increase both the availability and the editorial content of the publication: to give it the ‘Viva treatment’, and make it even more relevant to the people who live and work in the town. But in doing so, we assure you that we will not downsize or change this web version of Viva Lewes. Unless you want us to, that is. We’d love your feedback about what you like best and least about Viva Lewes, what you want to see more of and what you want to see the back of. Next week we’ll be sending out a questionnaire with the issue, in the meantime, feel free to send us a rant. Enjoy the week.

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Where is it?
Cover by Tom Goodchild
Above: nice shadow: but where is it?