Name: Russell Floyd
Profession: Actor. I was in Eastenders for five years and The Bill for three years. I’m currently doing a full-time GTP teacher training course at Heathfield College. I'm also a founder teaching member of Sentre Stage, a drama training school in Lewes on Saturdays for 13-18 year olds..
Are you local: if not how long have you been here? I’ve lived in Lewes for 13 years. The year John Smith died: I remember that because I was doing the decorating at the time, and I’ve been Labour all my life.
Best thing about Lewes? It’s a child-friendly chilled-out place. It’s a beautiful place, too. There’s still a sense of community here. I’m from Croydon, and you don’t get that there any more.
Worst thing about Lewes? Like any small place it can be bit incestuous. It’s difficult to be anonymous here. If you didn’t get on with people it could become a difficult place to live, because you see the same people every day.
Favourite pub? I’m not much of a pubbing person. But I like the way every pub here has got its own different character. They are very much products of the people who run them, and the people who go in. I like the Elephant best. It’s a great rugby pub.
What’s your poison? In a pub I’ll drink lager because yeast makes me wheeze, which rules out bitter. At home I’ll drink a good white wine.
Waitrose or Tesco (or neither)? I do the cooking at home, so I do most of the shopping. I go to Tesco’s principally. Waitrose has an interesting selection but it’s too pricey.
What do you think about traffic wardens? They’ve got a difficult job because any parking scheme is going to be unpopular. Provided they behave with sensitivity, it isn’t right to take your frustration out on them. continued overleaf

Russell Floyd: from the Old Vic to the Elephant and Castle