Gig - Turning Green

Turning Green’s songs generally start slowly, with the tap of a drum, or a carefully thought-out guitar melody. Then they add layers of sound: a bass, a keyboard tinkle, a gentle voice, another, more raspy voice. Pretty soon you’re caught up in their surreal world of music, full of references you think you recognise, then realise you were probably wrong. A chorus kicks in.
‘You don’t know me like you think you do..’
Or ‘I’ve never seen anyone quite so inside out before…’
Or ‘there are only two things in life: those that kill you and those that don’t’.
Then, if you’re watching them live at the Lansdown, everything goes mad. Turning Green, live at the Lansdown, are a bloody marvel.

Dunstan’s on guitar, Dan’s on bass, Matt’s on keys, and Sam’s on drums. Sam’s from Lewes, the rest are from Brighton. They all take turns singing. They all take turns going mental on their instrument. Sometimes it’s melodic and you’re tapping your foot, then it turns all thrash and you find yourself moving your body involuntarily in strange spasms. People are jumping up and down. The whole thing kicks off. It’s very, very sweaty. Drumsticks break, guitar strings snap, the band carry on regardless. They’re promising a new album later this year, which is good, because I’ve played the last one to death, which took some doing. Have a few pints, let your hair down, wear old clothes. The boys are back in town. DL

Returning Green: the boys are back at the Lansdown
Lansdown Arms
When? 8.30pm
How Much? Free
Turning Green
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