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This week’s picture of the week was taken by Rob Read at the Pells Street Party last Sunday, using his Fujifilm S3000 digital camera. He says “I took this shot because you normally don’t associate the road with children, quite the opposite in fact, but in this case the kids have obviously made it their space. The lines on the road delineate clear boundaries of where and where not to drive, but the kids pictures are all over the place. Their art is not constrained by boundaries.” We like the way that the picture has so much life in it, even though there are no people in shot. We like the picture of the dragon in the witch’s hat, the portrait of Sami, and all the broken bits of crayon on the floor. And we really like, for some strange reason, the bit of torn off cardboard, presumably from a crayon packet, on the right of the picture. We enjoy getting your pictures in, either for this slot or for the ‘week in pictures slot’ preceding it, so keep sending them, whatever the subject, wherever they’re taken.

A party’s only as good as the mess you have to clear up afterwards is bad