So that’s it for another week, in which the Labour Party bickered like an on-the-rocks couple, the Indian summer lingered like a party guest who knows you know they know you don’t want them to leave, and an unglamorous foot injury reduced our editor to an ungainly hobble. This week we’d like to thank the following people for their generous time: Penelope Hobhouse, Russell Floyd, Naomi Alderman, Tess from Charleston, Carole Buchan, Carol Buchan again, Jamie Freeman and Sarah O’Kane.

This week’s contributors are: Owen Postgate, John May, Emma Chaplin, William Leith, Steve King, Karen Anderson, Jess Wood, Dave Wilson, Katie Moorman, Nick Williams and Alex Leith.

Next week’s highlights include:
Saturday 23rd September: Tom Homewood at the HQ Gallery
Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th: Glynde Fine Food Festival
Saturday 23rd: Boo Wild at the Thebes Gallery
Tuesday 26th: Fretful Federation Mandolin Orchestra at the All Saints

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‘Two Towers’ by Tom Homewood, at the HQ Gallery next week