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Then in the 90th minute there was a penalty against us, given away completely unnecessarily by Leon Legge. The guy was going away from goal, there was no danger, and Leon clips his legs. Total naivety. But it looks like we’ve got away with it. Their striker puts his kick two feet wide, and everyone’s shaping up for a goal-kick. Then the linesman starts flagging, and says that the keeper’s moved, that it has to be taken again. This time they score. On 90 minutes, that’s a bitter pill to swallow. That’s the fourth penalty we’ve conceded this season, and that points to bad defending. That points to players not standing up in the box.

There are two players I can’t fault and that’s Jamie Cade, who ran all game, and Derek Duncan, who put in the sort of effort you don’t expect from a loan player. Otherwise nobody pulled their weight. I believe there aren’t enough winners in the team. I’ve signed a number of players over the summer, and I know they’re good players, but I didn’t know how some of them were going to react when the chips were down. We’re in a dogfight now and certain players need to pull their sleeves up and they’re just not doing it. It’s OK for two or three games, but it’s nine games now, and it’s just not good enough. So I’m going to put four or five on the transfer list, and try to sign some players who I know have got the right character. continued overleaf...

That’s why they call it football