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Latest Lewes result: Sutton United 0 Lewes 2 (Booth 46, Simpemba 56)

Against Sutton on Saturday we should have been in front after nine seconds. Jamie Cade was put through one and one on the keeper and really should have had the ball in the net. A striker’s got to be clinical, and he wasn’t clinical, which was a pity because that would have been a dream start.

It was pretty even in the first half: there should have been a penalty either end. Their keeper pulled off a save from Leon Legge: the ball fell to Gary Holloway who was about to shoot when he had his legs taken away from behind. The referee looked the other way. It was unbelievable. Later on in the half one of their guys went down in the box. I didn’t say it at the time, but that should’ve been a pen, too. Sometimes it goes like that: if they don’t give one one way, they won’t give one the other.

We got a goal straight after the restart. Juke Box (Andy Drury) picked up the ball in his own half, cut inside, and put in a sliderule pass between two defenders. Paul Booth ran onto it, rounded the keeper and scored. Ten minutes later Juke Box crossed the ball in after a corner hadn’t got cleared properly and Ian Simpemba, who was still up in the box, did a great diving header to put the ball into the top corner of the net. We had two or three chances after that: the best was when Juke Box shot at goal after a lovely run, and their keeper pulled off a worldy.

So he’s had a good game, has Andy Drury. I’ve kept telling him that a winger’s game is all about product. It’s about how many crosses you put in, not how many step-overs you do. He can be a frustrating player. Sometimes he does something that’s unbelievable, other times he just can’t produce it. Mind you, you look anywhere around the country at any level and it’ll be the same. That’s wingers for you. They’re hit and miss.

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