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Although a pacifist, the eclectic artist Frank Brangwyn found himself with a price on his head after his brutal depiction of combat for the World War One poster, 'Put Strength in the Final Blow, incited the wrath of the Kaiser. A man whom GK Chesterton described as 'the most masculine of modern men of genius', Brangwyn had little formal education, although his earliest mentors were some of the most influential men in design at the turn of the century: William Morris and Siegfried Bing. Not a man to be pigeonholed, Branqwyn was incredibly prolific, producing a broad range of works from murals to oil paintings, lithographs, etchings, photographs and architectural designs. Despite acquiring numerous awards, and receiving a knighthood, he remained modest about his achievements and frequently failed to sign his own work - a trait that has given rise to a significant market in fakes.

In 1918, Brangwyn moved with his wife from Hammersmith to The Jointure, Ditchling, a converted collection of cottages in which he lived until his death in 1956. Now a gallery space, it is home this week to an exhibition of the life of Brangwyn and a sale of his works, accompanied by a series of evening talks, to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of his death. To complete a double-bill of commemorations, Ditchling Museum are also exhibiting a selection of his works until the end of December. ER

Joy Sinden by Frank Brangwyn, painter, photographer,
lithographist, muralist and 'Linger extraordinaire

The Jointure, Ditchling and Ditchling Museum
When? The Jointure til 22 Oct, Ditchling Museum til 17 Dec
How Much? Ditchling Museum - £3.50/£2 /£1. £5 for talks
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Frank Brangwyn
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