Volver - Almodovar

The director Pedro Almodovar has been quoted as saying, ‘maybe I should not make films about men. The stories are so turbulent and aggressive, they make me suffer’.’ Not surprising from a man whose father refused to believe that the prissy Pedro was his own child. In his latest offering, Volver, Almodovar has apparently sought solace, creating an almost exclusively female universe (lacking even his stock transsexual characters), in which men are condemned to the background, if not the grave. Penelope Cruz is show-stealing as the (literally) weighed down mother, Raimunda, (she wears a prosthetic behind), who is forced into concealing the murder of her layabout husband who has been stabbed by fourteen-year-old daughter Paulo, in response to some unwanted sexual advances.

Volver translates from the Spanish as ‘to come back’, and the film both lives up to its name, as a series of personal and thematic returns, and deviates from it, by departing from his previous work in form and tone. The setting returns to his childhood home of La Mancha, for the first time, and re-unites Almodovar with the actress Carmen Maura, with whom he had been estranged since the 1980s. In turn, Maura is cast as Irene, the mother who apparently returns from the dead, and makes up the central mystery of the film. In a break with the past Volver is imbrued with a quiet mood of reverence, and has been praised as heralding a new era of maturity in Almodovar’s work. ER

Penelope Cruz returns to Spain in Pedro Almodovar’s Volver
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