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Jamie Cade got injured in training on Thursday and will be out for up to five weeks. I might have played Siggy anyway: he came through the game without affecting his injury, but he looked knackered in the second half. With ten minutes to go I replaced him with Ludo Dje. He’s a big French centre-forward, a real unit of a player, a massive guy, used to play for Paris Saint Germain. He’s recently been at Grimsby and Stockport County. He’s been playing in the reserves for about a month now, to get fit. Scored a goal or two. He did well in the little time he had on Saturday. Couple of flick-ons, held the ball up well. Junior Cadi played for an hour, too, after Simon Wormull went off with a knock. We’re delighted to have him back, because he’s a goal-scoring midfielder - he got 15 for us two years ago before leaving to become a manager at Beckenham. That didn’t work out for him, and he was playing locally at Bromley: they were devastated to lose him. He’s an international, too, so congratulations to him for that. He got picked for the Sierra Leone side last month. We’re actually losing him for the game on Friday, because he has to go off and play in Benin in the African Nations Cup, so that’s a bit of a double-edged sword.
It wasn’t us who chose the Friday kick-off, it was the league. It’s so the game doesn’t clash with England’s game against Macedonia. It’s an interesting one, the first time we’ve had a Friday game since I’ve been here. Let’s hope that it’ll attract a big crowd, because it’ll be a good close game – Bishops Stortford have started well. If we win we’ll be three points behind them; if they win they’ll be nine in front. One we really need to win, then. We’ve had three 2-0 wins on the trot, so we’ve got a bit of momentum behind us now…

Friday 6th October Lewes v Bishop’s Stortford

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