That’s your lot for another week, a week in which tremendous rainstorms raised the floodworry factor, then the Indian summer returned, with apologies, and settled in again. Also a week in which the early evening darkness took on that autumnal chill to remind us that Bonfire Night is just around the corner, and darkness, somehow, got darker. A week of conkers falling, and pears ripening. We couldn’t have put this issue out without the help of a number of people, who, as ever, we’d like to thank: Sussex folksinger Bob Lewis; former spy and whistleblower David Shayler; Dino Bishop and Andy Freeman of HMS Pinafore; cheese man Rob Bookham; Rob Phillips and Hugh Longhurst of the Star Group, Sarah Rideout; Stephen Newberry of Barnstormers; Annabel Knight of Passacaglia; Tom Walker; John May; Sarah Clowes and Sam Walker.

Contributors this week are: Andi Mindel, Laurie Griffiths, Keith Hunt, Jo Monroe, Emma Robertson, Jess Wood, William Leith, Katie Moorman, Antonia Gabassi, Dexter Lee, Scott Chowen, Nick Williams, Dave Wilson and Alex Leith, Apologies to Sarah Weal who took last week's picture of Norman Baker.

Next week’s highlights include:
Saturday 14th: Jean Davey Winter at the HQ Gallery
Saturday 14th and Sunday 14th: Lewes Repertory Theatre Company perform Pinter’s The Caretaker at the All Saints
Sunday 15th: Pooran Desai talks sustainablility at Pelham House
Tuesday 17th: Irish Singer songwriter Andy White at the Anchor, Barcombe Mills

Irish singer-songwriter Andy Wright hits the Barn D’Or next Tuesday