When my first child was born, I re-evaluated the entire landscape around me. All the people and places that I knew were given new child or non-child-friendly labels. Now my house is for sale I have a similar attitude to my environment. Every local issue or geological, archeological or political factor is only as important as it affects the commercial worth and salability of my house. The recent storms and downpours, for example, could be seen as positive as they make the garden greener and more attractive to buyers, or negative as they threaten flooding and a collapse in the property market. The extent of my own shallowness alarms even me. All those years of rebellion and extreme left-wing views to end up such a small-minded, property-price-obsessed bore.

But, no issue, it seems in my new state, is as important as the possible development of the giant filthy incinerator in Newhaven. Now even I know that burning plastic and stuff causes poisonous fumes. I have done it myself in the garden. Laziness caused sickness in that incident. They will be doing exactly the same just seven miles away and on a gigantic scale: burning millions of tonnes of toxic waste a year. And a westerly wind will blow all the noxious fumes into Lewes, into our gardens, our schools, our lungs, making us all ill and, what’s more, catastrophically reducing the value of my house. JW

Demonstrate your opposition to the Newhaven Incinerator at the rally in Newhaven on Saturday 7th of October, starting at 12 noon at the Hillcrest Centre, Hillcrest Road. For more information see www.dove2000.org

Warning: incinerators can seriously damage your health.
And the price of your house