Name: Sonia Crivello
Profession: I’m a gallerist. Does that sound pompous? I don’t like the title art consultant. I’m opening a new gallery space, Four Square Fine Arts in Mount Place, on Tuesday. I’m hoping to have five or six exhibitions a year there, and also use the space, when possible, for community projects and one-off installations.
Are you local? We’ve been living here for five years having moved down from Stamford Hill in London. I’m originally from Surrey.
Best thing about Lewes? There are a number of things. The best is the community spirit of the place. I’ve just come from the Harvest Festival of Lewes New School where all the parents and kids sang African songs together: this really embodied the feeling of community there is in this town, which is the reason we moved here.
Worst thing about Lewes? Traffic congestion and the resulting pollution. I try to walk everywhere - another good thing about Lewes is that you can - and the pollution makes that unpleasant at certain times of the day.
Favourite pub? The Lewes Arms, which is right next to my new space. I’m not a great pub-goer, but I’ll start going there with the people who work in the same building. Until they stop serving Harveys, that is.
What’s your poison? Having said that, it’s gin and tonic.
Waitrose or Tesco (or neither)? Generally Waitrose because it’s a co-op but I try as much as possible to use local shops, particularly Mays and the Lansdown Stores.
What do you think about traffic wardens? They are over-zealous. They wait outside our house at 8.05 on a Saturday morning, when they can book us if we haven’t managed to find a residents’ space on a Friday night.

Sonia Crivello: “Let’s make the Phoenix Development an ecological
flagship we can all be proud of”.