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This week’s picture of the week was provided to us by Sonia Crivello and was taken during last Saturday’s opening of the Four Square Fine Arts Gallery in Mount Place. While it’s not the sharpest of images, we think it’s one of the best we’ve received so far. We love the way that the gathering in the new art gallery are unaware of the fact that they are being photographed. We love the way that we are looking at them as an object of art, just as they are looking at the pieces of art within the gallery. And we love the way that they are framed by the large window of the new space. We also wonder what the couple on the left of the picture are saying about the pot in front of them, as the wine flows freely. Sir, we like your cravat. Keep your pictures coming in please, we enjoy getting them.

In the frame: hunters turn fox at Four Square Fine Arts