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Of course it’s better ‘live’ than we managed to reproduce it: it’s one of two that Peter has in the exhibition, and a blue star next to it signifies it’s already sold, as has his other piece ‘Market Lane at Night,’ an eerie un-peopled scene of the street Peter lives on, which makes you wonder what gloomy catastrophe is about to break the still night.

It’s impossible in this space to describe all the works, so I’ll limit it to the ones I particularly liked. There are a couple of Marguerite Horner’s monochrome seascapes, in muted oils on gesso. There are a couple of striking Manga-style portraits of young girls painted in oil and embellished with embroidery by Yuki Snow. There’s a simple abstract circle on a black background by Duncan Bullen. There’s a mad oil-fest by Jessica Zoob called Delicate Moon. There’s a triptych of a stone bull by Clint Langley. There’s an incredibly detailed ‘Tree in Hyde Park’ by Josephine Greenman. There’s a poppy girl in a leopard skin top by Charles Williams. And a hell of a lot more besides.

Prices vary, of course, from £46 to over £1,000. “There was this guy who came to the opening from Worthing,” says Hayley. “He said that he only had £150 to spend. That he’d been to a number of galleries, and had seen a lot of work he’d found technically impressive. But nothing he’d found wonderful enough to part with his money.” Needless to say, when he left he was the owner of one of the paintings. AL

‘The Girl’ by Yuki Snow

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