Bobby Baker - ‘How To Live’

As a painter turned performance artist with an obsession with food, it is easy to see how Bobby Baker has earned the reputation of being a cross between Joyce Grenfell, Jackson Pollock and Fanny Craddock. In her previous shows she has danced with meringue ladies, recreated the history of modern painting in sugar and made a life-size cake family in a sugar-decorated prefab entitled ‘An Edible Family in a Mobile Home.’ Baker’s latest offering, “How to Live’ sees her in the role of spoof therapist to a rather unusual patient who has just been diagnosed with a personality disorder - a frozen pea.

Although the patient in Baker’s show may be a vegetable - it is a role that she is herself familiar with. Earlier this year Baker was convinced that she was being followed by a series of Ruth Kelly look-alikes. - a symptom of the ‘borderline personality disorder’, with which she was diagnosed ten years ago. Asked in a recent interview why she had chosen to present her patient in this way, Baker explained that the pea represented how she felt when she was told that there was something wrong with her - ‘insignificant and miniscule.’ It is a metaphor which becomes a little disturbing in view of the fact that Baker invites the audience to each consume a pea during the course of the show. ‘How to Live’ concludes tonight at the Gardner Arts Centre following a run at London’s Barbican Theatre. ER

Bobby Baker calls Time Out. Or maybe that should be ‘Viva Lewes’
round these parts

Gardner Arts Centre, Falmer
When? 8pm
How Much? £12.50/ £10 Concessions
(t) 01273 685861
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