Talk - Jenny Jones MP

On Friday, Green politician Jenny Jones will talk on the topic of Politics, Pressure and Principles at the Lewes Think Tank Forum (LTTF), the local group set up to discuss contemporary issues and contemporary religion. The organisers stress that Jones will be ‘talking’ and not lecturing and will welcome comments and questions from the floor - which will no doubt lead the discussion into what promises to be a very lively and interactive evening. Jones herself told Viva Lewes that she’ll be “talking about my work as a London Assembly member and how politicians can be ethical and honest.”

Brighton-born, Jones was brought up in one of the city’s poorest areas of Moulsecoomb. She received a degree in archeology at University College London, before she went on to become Chair of the Green Party’s Executive Committee (1995-1997) and Deputy Mayor of London, working with Ken Livingstone (May 2003 to June 2004). She is currently a member of the London Assembly and the Mayor’s Road Safety Ambassador. In May 2006, she became the Green Party’s councillor for South Camberwell, their first in the borough of Southwark. She has also become Chair of London Food, a commission set up to look at ways of giving Londoners fresher, healthier and more affordable food while reducing the environmental impact of the current food supply. She will be leading on drawing up the government's Sustainable Food and Farming Strategy for London. KA

Friends in high places 1 - Green Jenny used to work with Red Ken

Christ Church, Prince Edward’s Road/Fitzjohns Road,
When? Friday, 3rd November from 7.30pm-9.00pm
How Much? Free
(t) 01273487703