Gig - Pierre Bensusan

“Non-musicians shouldn't give a damn about whatever tuning you are using,” declared an impassioned Pierre Bensusan in a recent interview. “They just listen to the music, thank God!” But the French-Algerian finger-style guitarist, who will be playing tonight in the recently co-opted stripy marquee venue at The Anchor Inn, has a reputation as something of an innovator in the field of solo acoustic guitar, not least because of his use of the DADGAD tuning system. Popularised by Neil Young, who referred to it as D Modal tuning, the system has come to be inextricably linked with Bensusan’s sound - which combines Celtic, World, Folk and Jazz elements - although apparently not encouraged to be so by Bensusan himself. “If non-musicians start asking what tuning I use, then it is the end of the world for me. Its like, 'Oh no, not you too!'”

Bensusan started experimenting with electronics at an early age, using delays, distortions and volume pedals in order to reach a wider audience. He has since largely abandoned these techniques - perhaps in response to accusations that he was becoming reliant on gadgetry. Nevertheless he has an exacting approach to achieving optimal venue sound and frequently takes at least an hour of set-up time. According to Barn D’or promotor, Mike Lance, who is putting on tonight’s gig, Pierre Bensusan makes two specifications at his gigs - to charge £1 more than his rival guitarist Martin Simpson, and to have five minutes of silence at the end for the audience to absorb the music. ER

Tais toi… Pierre Bensusan demands five minutes silence at the
end of his gigs

The Anchor Inn, Barcombe Mills
When? 8pm
How Much? £13
(w) Website
(t) 01273 400414