Name: Moose aka Mark Jarvis
Bonfire Society: Cliffe
Position: I’m a general member and a member of the effigy team. I used to be on the committee.
Years in society: This will be my 21st Bonfire Night as a Cliffe member.
What’s Bonfire Night in Lewes all about? Celebrating the discovery of the Gunpowder Plot. Remembering the dead of the two World Wars and various other conflicts. Remembering the 17 Protestant martyrs burnt for their beliefs. This all combines to be a celebration of our freedom of thought and religious practice. And our right to do it.
What’s your itinerary on the fourth? The effigy team will meet up at 6am, have some breakfast together and go down to the field to start assembling everything. All going well this will take until 2-3pm. Then it’s a quick pint and back home to start getting ready. I wear the green jacket of the Sharps Rifle Regiment. Then it’s to Cliffe to watch the ladies’ barrels race at 5.45pm, and then all the processions. I’ll be steering the tab, as I’ve done for the last 15 years. It’s %$£&! heavy.
How many hours have you spent preparing this year? Not as many as usual as I was away in September. 8-10 hours a week since then.
Highlight of Bonfire Night so far? Every year it’s the same: the crowd reaction to the displays.
Lowlight of Bonfire Night so far: Cliffe Corner, midnight, 1993. I’ll say no more.


There’s a moose loose: and he’ll be humping the Cliffe
tab as usual this year