Which society do you feel most rivalry with? These days our closest rivals are Commercial Square. They’ve got much bigger and are very aware of what you need to plan for the future as well as the present. This is good as we have to keep on our toes and up our game to keep ahead.
What’s special about Cliffe? Cliffe, historically, isn’t a part of Lewes, and we don’t march in the Grand United procession. It goes without saying we’re better than all the other societies, and more original. They’ve all picked up on things we’ve initiated, like blazing carts, and burning crosses. We’re forward thinking, gregarious and outspoken, but with a soft cuddly underbelly.
Is the festival anti-Catholic? Most definitely not. There are a lot of Catholics in our ranks. The effigy of the Pope we burn is that of Paul V, who was incumbent at the time of the Marian persecutions. It’s a historical rather than a religious festival.
Has Bonfire Night got better or worse over time? Every Night someone says ‘that was the best ever’. But it would be a lot better if there weren’t so many spectators and press photographers getting in the way.
Do you welcome outsiders coming in?
See previous answer. They should put on fewer rather than more trains to Lewes that night.

‘Cliffe hanger: who will be the Enemy of Bonfire this year?