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What will you be dressed like and why? We try to keep everything locally-relevant, which is why our pioneers are monks, and Tudors, signifying the Priory and Anne of Cleves House. I’ll be dressed as a monk.
Which society do you feel most rivalry with?
None of them. We’re a fledgling society: we’re not in a position to be rivals of any other society. People smile at us and think ‘aren’t they sweet’. In fact we’ve had an enormous amount of help from most of the other societies in setting up.
What’s special about Southover? The fact that we try to keep everything particular to the Southover area.
Has Bonfire Night got better or worse over time? Better. It’s safer. Personally for me it’s much better marching than watching, a different matter entirely.
Is the festival anti-Catholic? No. As a society we certainly aren’t. We have Catholic members. Last year a couple of members carrying a banner parodying the Cliffe ‘No Popery’ banner which read ‘Know Popery’, trying to address people’s ignorance of the religion.
Do you welcome outsiders coming in? Of course. The more people, the more donations, the more that goes to charity.
What will you be doing on Sunday 5th? Having a meeting to discuss what went on on the big night. The new year starts then.

Hey hey we’re the monks: everything about Southover is locally relevant