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Talk - Forbidden History: The Suppressed Origins of Civilisation

After an hour on the phone to Marcus Allen, I don’t know what to believe anymore. The UK publisher and distributor of NEXUS magazine, and the second speaker in a series of talks, ‘A Changing Times’, at the All Saint’s Centre, Allen is concerned with ‘alternative histories’, or those versions of events that have been ignored or repressed by the mainstream. His interests are staggeringly broad - tied together purely by the notion that the facts that we are given should not be believed.

Within minutes of our conversation he has launched into a geo-scientific explanation of the origin of the species that leaves my ten-year-old GCSE-science level knowledge struggling to keep up. Not that it matters - Allen references scientific theories only to discredit them, highlighting their limitations in answering difficult questions. How did 10,000 tonnes of rocks find their way from Norway to Switzerland? What brought about the conditions that led to Northern Europe becoming covered in ice? Allen has a theory on everything, from climate change, and the hole in the ozone layer, to 9/11, the moon landings and driving on the left hand side of the road (he used to work for the Japanese motor Industry). As a project concerned with the unsettling of established ideas, I am ready to be convinced. But my scepticism creeps in when he attempts to answer those questions with his own version of events. It is almost as if he is beating himself at his own game - preaching scepticism so successfully that I am left not believing a word that he says. ER

History lessons: don’t believe what you read

All Saint’s Centre, Lewes
When? 7.45pm
How Much? £5 on the door.
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