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Today’s photo of the week was sent to us by Edward Edson, who spent the midweek period ‘down in Barcelona for a football match’. Edward also got as much Gaudi-spotting as he could done while he was there, and took this picture from the roof of the Catalan architect’s stunning ‘La Pedrera’ in the centre of town. “I took it, on a Fujifilm 5500, through the hole in a metallic fence-pole,” says Edward. “I loved these knight-shaped chimneys and I was looking for an original way to shoot them.” We share Edward’s love of the chimneys, the crowning glory of the architect’s magnificent Modernist building. We like the sense that we can see them, but they can’t see us. While this is clearly always the case, somehow it makes them even more spooky than they really are.
Caption competition winner from last week. 'Some members at the TIme Lords convention hadn't realised it was formal dress' - Julian Howell
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Knight Fever: we can see them, but can they see us?