That’s it for another week then, one in which the unseasonal spring flowers discovered the folly of their impatient ways as a winter chill suddenly descended and everyone went looking deep in their wardrobe for their coats. One in which Lewes FC won a match in Crawley which will be talked about for years to come. And one in which the Bonfire Societies put the final touches to their tabs, costumes and effigies as the big night loomed and the weathermen promised clarity of sky to go along with the plummeting temperatures.

We’d like to thank the following people, without who this issue could not have been put together: Moose Jarvis, Steve Watts, Christine Armitage, David Quinn, John Hollins, Geoff and Maureen Burrow, Margaret Pethick, Hayley Brown, Sarah O’Kane, Tom Benjamin, Jenny Jones, Neale Hopper, Marcus Allen and Jane Zara.

Contributors this week are: Roz South, Peter Schueler, Antonia Gabassi, Emma Robertson, Dexter Lee, Jess Wood, William Leith, Adrienne Campbell, Emma Chaplin, Katie Moorman, Karen Anderson, Nick Williams, Scott Chowen, Dave Wilson and Alex Leith.

Friday 10th: Lewes Film Club present: A History of Violence
Saturday 11th: The popular watercolourist-with-a-difference Louise Chavannes returns to the Thebes
Sunday 12th: Barnstormers Comedy at the Royal Oak
Sunday 12th: Jim Lauderdale at the Anchor, Barcombe

Jim Lauderdale hits the Marquee (or at least the Barcombe version)
next week