Viva Lewes - The Hills are Alive

The ballyhoo of Bonfire Night is becoming just a flickering memory, and Lewes FC are out of the FA Cup. Now, it seems, as the autumn drizzle takes hold and the nights close in, it’s time for us to start getting serious about life. And there are some serious issues concerning this town, which need to be addressed. First up, the latest news on Suffolk brewery Greene King’s plans to stop serving Harveys in the Lewes Arms. As parochial and unimportant as this issue may seem, the company’s policy is an example of the sort of corporate behaviour which sees High Streets across the land homogenised into identikit open-air malls. Greene King have suffered a good deal of adverse publicity in the national press over the Lewes Arms affair, but with the eyes of the brewery world on their next move they were never likely to back down and have now announced that the pub will no longer serve Harveys from Monday 20th November. The Friends of the Lewes Arms have called an open meeting in the pub on Thursday 16th to discuss how to react to the news. Monday is also a possible date for the handover to the council of Angel Property’s planning application for Malling Brook, an important step in the London-based company’s plans to build a 800-home new quarter in the Phoenix industrial estate. We must not keep our eyes off this issue, and two of our reporters this week discuss a meeting with Angel’s CEO Charles Style on ecological sustainability in his proposed new developments, while columnist Jess Wood, against the grain as ever, talks about her love of skyscrapers. We may not be going to spend much of it in a Harveys-free Lewes Arms, but Christmas is approaching, and we sincerely hope that Angel Properties will not use the festive period as a smokescreen to help push through their development plans while the public are not at their most alert. Enjoy the week.
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Where is it?
Cover: ‘On Deck’ by Henrietta Dubrey, at the Star Gallery
Above: Nice skewer, but where is it?

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